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The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) is a unique academic centre promoting interdisciplinary research, teaching and exchange on law, policy and practice in refugee and displacement contexts. As a national focal point for leading and promoting research in this field, the RLI works to integrate the shared interests of refugee law scholars and practitioners, stimulate collaboration between academics and non-academics, and achieve policy impact at the national and international level.

The RLI has just published its Declaration on International Protection in the context of Disasters and Climate Change

The new Declaration provides a clear set of guidelines on how to process claims by people seeking asylum on the basis of risks that arise in the context of disasters and the negative impacts of climate change.

Refugee Law Clinic

The UoL's Refugee Law Clinic provides pro bono legal advice for refugee clients.

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The RLI blog on Refugee Law and Forced Migration is designed to be a platform to publish content from our networks and students.

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