RLI research contributes to Save the Children Colombia programming for displaced populations

Monday 18 November 2019
Case Study: Child Participation and Accountability in Save the Children Colombia’s Programming

Research conducted by the Refugee Law Initiative (RLI), as part of the RECAP project, has been instrumental in developing Save the Children Colombia’s approach to child participation and accountability for displaced populations. In October 2019, the RLI published a report, drawing on research exploring how Save the Children Colombia engages migrant, refugee and displaced children in decisions about their activities, programmes and planning across the country.

A resulting three-day workshop, hosted collaboratively by the Refugee Law Initiative, Save the Children Colombia and Save the Children UK, drew together more than thirty staff participants from Save the Children field offices across Colombia. The workshop was an opportunity for joint knowledge production and engagement with the recommendations brought together by the RLI report.

The workshop outcomes aim to impact practice on the ground in the short and long term, and include a commitment by Save the Children Colombia to launch a new ‘Accountability and Child Participation Strategy’ for their country context, drawing directly on the findings of the RLI research study. In response to the research findings, Save the Children Colombia are also establishing accountability and child participation ‘Champions’ located in each Save the Children Colombia field office, and new child-friendly complaints and feedback mechanisms in all field offices relevant to the full portfolio of activities and programmes.

A full version of the report in English and Spanish can be found here (English) and here (Spanish), and the Summary of Findings (Spanish) can be found here.