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Annick Pijnenburg is a PhD researcher at the International Victimology Institute of Tilburg University. She has an interdisciplinary background, combining social sciences (BA) and law (LLB, LLM), with a strong focus on international human rights law. Annick has previously worked at various international and non-governmental organisations, including the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and the Council of Europe.

Annick’s doctoral research project is called ‘At the frontiers of State responsibility: do cooperative migration control policies reach beyond the limits of refugee and human rights law?’ It examines the responsibility of States under international law for human rights violations that occur as a result of policies whereby a State cooperates with one or more other States (and/or other actors) to prevent migrants, including refugees, from reaching its territory (e.g. the EU-Turkey deal). The project is thus located at the intersection of international human rights law, refugee law and the law of State responsibility.

Recent publications:

  • JR and Others v Greece: what does the Court (not) say about the EU-Turkey Statement?, Strasbourg Observes blog, February 2018.
  • ‘TRACE-ing Human Trafficking: Handbook for Policy Makers, Law Enforcement Agencies and Civil Society Organisations’ (Conny Rijken and Annick Pijnenburg), TRACE Project Handbook, April 2016
  • ‘TRACE-ing Human Trafficking: Project Findings’ (Conny Rijken and Annick Pijnenburg), TRACE Project Final Report, April 2016  ‘Transforming Conflict-affected Countries: A Gender-sensitive Approach’, Impunity Watch, Background Paper, February 2013
  • ‘Acceso a la justicia de mujeres víctimas de violaciones graves de los derechos humanos en el contexto del conflicto armado’ (Diana Esther Guzmán, Annick Pijnenburg, Sylvia Prieto) Centre for the Study of Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia), Policy Paper No. 12, April 2012
  • ‘The International Criminal Court and Reparations for Child Victims of Armed Conflict’ (Elena Birchall, Evie Francq, and Annick Pijnenburg) Essex Transitional Justice Network, Reparations Unit, Briefing Paper No. 4, August 2011
  • ‘The European Union and Turkish Accession: What is the role of Human Rights?’, Global Perspectives Spring 2009 edition on human rights

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