Cleo Hansen-Lohrey


Cleo is a PhD candidate and sessional academic at the University of Tasmania. Cleo’s research focuses on international and regional refugee law, human rights, treaty interpretation law, and displacement in the context of climate change. Cleo's PhD specifically investigates the scope and application of the term 'public order' in international law, including in regional refugee protection instruments in Africa and Latin America, international and regional human rights treaties, and international humanitarian law (including the law of occupation). Cleo also has a Master of Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne. Cleo has extensive professional experience in the legal, not-for-profit and government sectors. Her previous roles include: Senior Legal Officer for the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection, focusing on litigation and refugee law; and Humanitarian Observer for the Australian Red Cross’s Immigration Detention Program, leading humanitarian monitoring visits to Australia's mainland and Christmas Island immigration detention facilities.

Recent publications:

Book Chapters

  • Tamara Wood and Cleo Hansen-Lohrey, ‘Africa’ in Hennie Strydom, Věra Honusková and Martin Faix (eds), Legal Responses to Forced Mass Migration: Regional Approaches and Perspectives (forthcoming 2022).
  • Phillipa McCormack and Cleo Hansen-Lohrey, ‘Accountability, government decisions and future generations: lessons from the Australian Ombudsman’ in Jan Linehan and Peter Lawrence (eds), Giving Future Generations a Voice; Normative Frameworks, Institutions and Practice (Edward Elgar, 2021).

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