Constalain Chrisna Moussaoud





Chrisna Moussaoud holds a masters in international law from Wuhan University (China), and is currently enrolled in a PhD program in international law, researching  the issue of the protection of refugees in international law at Xiamen University. He has previously worked as an intern at the Congolese foreign affair ministry at the legal affair division, and as a translator in a Chinese enterprise. The title of his PhD is 'Reshaping the thinking of the temporary protection of the refugees in International law'.

Recent publications:

  • 'The International Framework on the Protection of Refugees', International Journal of Law, Humanities and Social Science, 3(2)
  • 'Reconsider Refugee Status in the Eyes of International Law', Journal of law, policy and globalization.
  • 'Temporary Protection of the Refugee under international Law', Global journal of politics and law research, 4(6).

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