Dr. Janna Wessels

Email: janna.wessels@recht.uni-giessen.de

Website: https://www.uni-giessen.de/fbz/fb01-alt/professuren/prof-dr-jurgen-bast/staff/research-associates/janna-wessels



Janna Wessels is Lecturer and Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Public Law and European Law at Justus Liebig University Giessen and Scientific Coordinator of the research consortium ‘Human Rights discourses in migration societies (MeDiMi)’ funded by the Research Campus of Central Hessen (RCCH). Her current research projects also include the Mercator Foundation funded project ‘Human Rights challenges to European Migration Policy (REMAP)’. Janna is particularly interested in feminist/queer theory as well as critical legal theory approaches to human rights and migration law and policy. Before joining the University of Giessen, she worked as Research Associate for an Australian Research Council funded international comparative project on Gender-related harms in Refugee law, based at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia and University of British Columbia, Canada. Janna has a PhD in refugee law jointly awarded by the University of Technology Sydney and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her PhD was supported by a Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship and comparatively explored judicial decision-making in sexuality-based asylum claims. She holds Master level degrees from the Universities of Münster and Lille (double degree) as well as Oxford (MSc in Forced Migration). Janna is editor for the German Refugee Studies Blog (Fluchtforschungsblog) and co-founder of the Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo). 

Publications/recent projects:

  • ‘“Discretion”, persecution and the act/identity dichotomy’, VU Migration Law Series No 12, Amsterdam (2016)
  • ‘Rechtliche Fortschritte, praktische Risiken – die besondere Verletzlichkeit geschlechtsspezifischer Asylgesuche’, 2015(4) DGB frau geht vor, 8-10. (2015)
  • ‘Ein langfristiges Konzept fehlt – Wie Europa auf die Flüchtlingskatastrophen reagiert’, 9/2015 Neue Gesellschaft Frankfurter Hefte, 10-12. (2015)
  • Case comment: European Court of Human Rights, Case of M.E. v Sweden, Application no. 71398/12, 26 June 2014, 18/2014 Jurisprudentie Vreemdelingenrecht, 1192-1195. (2014)

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