Dr. Mariaguilia Giuffré

Email: giuffrem@edgehill.ac.uk

Website: https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/law/about/staff/mariagiulia-giuffre/



Mariagiulia Giuffré, LLM, PhD (Dist. and Doctor Europaeus certificate), is a Lecturer in Law at Edge Hill University, where she teaches Migration and Refugee Law, EU Law, and Public International Law. Mariagiulia’s research interests are in International and European Law, Refugee Law and Policy, Human Rights and Migration Law. Key works include: “Exploring the Boundaries of Refugee Law” (with Gauci & Tsourdi), Brill 2015; “An Appraisal of Diplomatic Assurances One Year after Othman (Abu Qatada) v UK” (2013) IHRLR 2(2); “State Responsibility beyond Borders” IJRL (2012) 24(4); “Watered-down Rights on the High Seas” (2012) ICLQ 61(2); and “Readmission Agreements and Refugee Rights” (2013) RSQ 32(3). Mariagiulia is also part of a project jointly convened by the Centre for International Criminal Justice (Free University of Amsterdam) and the RLI. The title of the project is “Undesirable and Unreturnable? Excluded Asylum-seekers and Other Migrants Suspected of Serious Criminality but Who Cannot Be Removed.”

Publications/recent projects:

  • Giuffré M,“The Readmission of Asylum Seekers under International Law” (Hart Publishing), Oxford (Forthcoming)
  • Gauci, J.P., Giuffré M. & Tsourdi, L., (eds.) (2015), ‘Exploring the Boundaries of Refugee Law: Current Protection Challenges’, Brill, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.
  • Giuffré M, “Access to Asylum at Sea? Non-refoulement and a Comprehensive Approach to Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations”  in Moreno Lax, V. and Papastavridis, E. (eds) ‘Boat Refugees and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Maritime Security with Human Rights’. (Forthcoming)
  • Giuffré M, ‘Deportation with Assurances: Human Rights and the Case of People Suspected or Convicted of Serious Crimes, Journal of International Criminal Justice 1, 2017