Dr Tamara A. Kool

Email: tamara.kool@maastrichtuniversity.nl

LinkedIn: http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/tamara-a-kool/26/27b/432   

Twitter: @TamaraAKool


Tamara A. Kool is a Research fellow at Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT. Her research interests pertain to the impact of conflict on society and the potential of social (protection) policy for marginalised communities, with a focus on the MENA. She recently obtained her PhD on the role of refugee-related policies in shaping inclusion of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in the Jordanian labour market. In addition, she is currently leads an independent research project on the potential inclusion of refugees as non-citizens within state-led social protection schemes within the MENA region which requires a critical understanding of both the political economy and legal framing. Her work takes an interdisciplinary approach combining both development economics, social policy, sociology and legal analysis.

Relevant publications:

  • Kool, T.A. 2022. Beyond the Right to Work: Labour Market Engagement of Protracted Refugees Through a Social Exclusion Lens. UNU-MERIT/MGSoG Dissertation Series No. 272. Proefschrift-aio.nl. https://doi.org/10.26481/dis.20220519tk.
  • Kool, T.A., and Z.S. Nimeh. 2021. Refugees and Social Protection. In E. Schüring and M. Loewe (eds.), Handbook of Social Protection Systems. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 401-422. Online version at: https://doi.org/10.4337/9781839109119.
  • Nimeh, Z.S., Kool, T.A., Iacoella, F., and A. Hunns. 2020. Rethinking Humanitarian Aid: Making the Case for Humanitarian Social Protection. UNU-MERIT Working Paper #2020-053. Available at:  https://www.merit.unu.edu/publications/wppdf/2020/wp2020-053.pdf.

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