Eleni Karageorgiou

Email: Eleni.Karageorgiou@jur.lu.se

Website: http://portal.research.lu.se/portal/en/persons/eleni-karageorgiou(0c2338d2-bebd-4741-b122-c560432fde97).html​



Eleni Karageorgiou is a qualified lawyer (Athens Bar Association) and a PhD candidate in public international law at Lund University, Sweden. Her research explores the functions and implications of the principle of solidarity and responsibility sharing in EU asylum law and policies and forms part of the Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN) http://migrationlawnetwork.org/en/. Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, Eleni worked for the Greek Asylum Appeal Committees and before that, in migration law practice. Her research interests include theory of international law, international and regional human rights systems, non-citizens’ rights, refugee law and gender, the Common European Asylum System, ECtHR and CJEU asylum jurisprudence.

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