Elizabeth G. Kennedy

Email: egailk56@gmail.com

Website: https://elizabethgkennedy.com/



Elizabeth G. Kennedy is a Ph.D. student in geography at UC-Santa Barbara and San Diego State University. She researches the migratory experiences of unaccompanied child migrants from Central America and Mexico to the United States, which builds upon the mentorship and tutoring she provided to four unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan while in the UK and to undocumented youth in Texas while an undergraduate. She completed her MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at the University of Oxford in July 2011 and received a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Humanities from the University of Texas in 2007.

Publications/recent projects:

  • Central American Refugee Children. Section on International Child Health August Newsletter (2014)
  • Niños, niñas y adolescentes refugiados de Centroamérica (2014)
  • No Childhood Here: Why Central American Children Are Fleeing Their Homes. Washington, D.C.: The American Immigration (2014)
  • Unnecessary Suffering: Potential Unmet Mental Health Needs of Unaccompanied Alien Children (2013)

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