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Isabella Leroy is a PhD student with the Amsterdam Centre for Migration and Refugee Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, under the supervision of Lieneke Slingenberg, Janna Wessels and Martijn Stronks. Her research focuses on the legal framework of refugee camps in the EU. Using empirical legal studies, the project examines to what extent the laws that apply in refugee camps can be qualified as exceptional from a legal perspective. Her research interests include the state of exception, human rights, encampment policies, EU migration governance and empirical legal studies. Prior to starting her PhD, she completed an MA in International Public Management at Sciences Po Paris and an LLM in International Migration and Refugee Law from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She has previous experience working in migration and refugee advocacy, both in case work and strategic litigation.

Title of PhD thesis and affiliation: “Refugee camps in Europe: spaces of legal exception?” (Working title) Amsterdam Centre for Migration and Refugee Law (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).


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