Matt Oliver Kinsella

Twitter: @matolikin




Matt Oliver Kinsella specialises in research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation in the humanitarian, development and human rights fields. He is currently pursuing a PhD with the Human Rights Consortium at the University of London, in collaboration with the International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI), Uganda. His PhD explores the psychosocial dimension of displacement and why it matters for policy and practice in human rights, humanitarianism and global health.

Currently Matt works with an independent third-party research, monitoring and evaluation consultancy based in Istanbul, Turkey, evaluating the impact of UN humanitarian programming in Syria, and for clients throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the Sahel and Latin America.

Starting his career as a consultant project manager, Matt transitioned into international development, before specialising in research, monitoring and evaluation. He has over four years of international exposure in Turkey, Djibouti, Kenya, Nepal and Peru, and 13 years of total experience in project management, research and non-profit management.


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