Naoko Hashimoto





Naoko Hashimoto is currently a PhD candidate at University of Sussex (as a Nippon Foundation International Fellow).  Her PhD thesis analyses reasons why non-immigration countries such as Japan accept refugees through resettlement, using political and international relations theories.  Naoko has more than a decade of practitioner experience on refugees and forced migration issues, as a staff member of UNHCR, IOM and the Government of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice). She holds a Master of Studies in Forced Migration, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford (as a Sir John Swire scholar), and Diploma [LLM] in International Human Rights Law from University of London (International Programme convened by Queen Mary and UCL). 

Publications/recent projects:

  • “Refugee Problems in Europe” in S. Takizawa and M. Yamada (ed.), Basic Knowledge to learn Refugee Issues, 2017, Akashi Shoten: Tokyo, pp.206-246
  • “How to Interpret the Concept of the ‘Membership of Particular Social Group’ According to the Principles of International Law”, Migration Policy Review 2016 vol. 8, pp.55-70
  • “Mixed Migration Flow: Trafficking-Asylum Nexus”, in K. Hakata et al (eds.) New Frontiers in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, 2014, Akashi Shoten: Tokyo, pp.244-262

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