Palmer Prince Dagadu





Palmer is a doctoral candidate in international law at Xiamen University, School of law. His research interest revolves around the Protection of Refugees, Forced Migration, Climate Change displaced persons and human right law. His PhD research focuses on the Protection of the Rights of Climate Refugees: Towards a Robust International Legal Architecture. He has a robust experience in humanitarian work dealing in matters concerning policies, conventional rules and the practice of International Law.

Selected Publications:

  • Dagadu, P.P., McDave, K.E., & Yongyeh, N.E. (2022). Climate Change as A Driver of Covid19: The Protection of Refugees in the Post-Covid World. Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization
  • Dagadu, P.P., & Ihedioha, C.E. (2021). To leave or to die: Refugees Protection in South Africa in the Face of Xenophobic Attacks. International Review of Law and Jurisprudence
  • Moussaoud, C. C., & Dagadu P. P. (2017). Reconsider Refugees Status in the Eyes of International Law, Journal of Law. Journal of law, Policy and Globalization

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