Shaher Moseley





Shaher has worked for a range of local and international NGOs and refugee-related charities in several countries in Europe and the Middle East since 2009 and in the UK since 2016. He has an MA in Post-war Recovery Studies from the University of York, a postgraduate diploma in Project Management and a BA in English Literature from University of Damascus. Shaher has also taught in several institutions in the Middle East including the faculty of Political Sciences at University of Damascus.

As a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter, Shaher is conducting a research that addresses the dichotomy in policy-making and implementation of refugees' integration by investigating the legal environment surrounding definitions and the academic terminology. Through utilising mixed research methods, the research has a normative premise of democratisation of integration policies to equip refugees to reach political engagement in the UK and post repatriation. Hence comes the prior necessary knowledge of assessing refugee integration.

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