Sophie Capicchiano Young





Sophie Capicchiano Young is a PhD candidate at School of Advanced Study.  Her research concerns the legal responsibility of states of origin in the context of displacement.  Sophie has written on the concept of burden-sharing within the Common European Asylum System, and on extraterritorial jurisdiction and state responsibility.

Most recently, Sophie was a research associate at the Global Migration Centre at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Sophie holds a Master of Advanced Study in International Law of Armed Conflict from the Geneva Academy, a Juris Doctor from RMIT University, and a Master of Applied Linguistics from Monash University.

Academic publications:

  • Sophie Capicchiano Young, 'The Responsibility of Australia for Internationally Wrongful Acts: The Offshore Detention Regime, the Principle of Non-refoulement, and a Case for Litigation' (2018) 32(4) Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law 331.
  • Sophie Capicchiano Young, 'Dublin IV and EXCOM: aspirational blunders and illusive solidarity' (2017) 19(4) European Journal of Migration and Law 370.
  • Sophie Capicchiano Young, 'Dublin Regulation IV and the erosion of due process' (2017) 31(1) Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law 34.

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