Soumia Bouhdoud





Soumia is a PHD student in sociology of migration at the Mohammed Ben Abdellah University in Fes, Morocco, where she works on international migration. Her thesis is entitled “Irregular Sub-Saharan migration within Morocco between international relationships and reality”. She also has a master’s degree in sociology of local development.

Her research reveals the processes of the cooperation and partnership between Europe and Morocco, mainly in the field of migration management, such as the kingdom has opened its borders and becomes a host country of refugees and asylum seekers. However, my study focuses in addition on the living conditions of sub-Saharan irregular migrants in Morocco, their integration and security included. How do they adapt to a precarious lifestyle? Why do a large number of them drown in the sea? Could they be agents of development?


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  • L’enquête numérique au service des méthodes sociologiques : cas de l’étude du parcours du migrant en mouvement, International Symposium on the subject: Research methods in social sciences : Critical visions and future perspectives (will be held on October 27 and 28, 2022)

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