This scheme is available to individuals working in an area of interest to the Refugee Law Initiative who wish to undertake research here. 

To learn more, please 'Visit as a Fellow' page. 


Steve Miron

Researcher working and publishing on environmental mobility, disaster displacement and climate change adaptation

Lorne Waldman

Founding lawyer at Waldman & Associates with a focus in the areas of immigration and refugee law.


Linda Kirk

Linda Kirk

Tutor: Protecting Human Rights, Refugees and Displaced Persons in International Law
Associate Professor at UNSW Law in Sydney​; Senior Member Administrative App

Dr. Rebecca Stern

Dr. Rebecca Stern

Senior Lecturer at University of Uppsala,
Senior Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

Mark Symes

Mark Symes

Barrister, Garden Court Chambers (United Kingdom)


Matthew Zagor

Associate Professor at Australian National University, Director of Law Reform and Social Justice (ANU)