Dr. Annick Pijnenburg

Email: annick.pijnenburg@ru.nl

Website: https://www.ru.nl/english/people/pijnenburg-a/



Dr. Annick Pijnenburg is Assistant Professor in International and European Law at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. She has an interdisciplinary background, combining social sciences (BA) and law (LLB, LLM). Her research interests include migration deals and accountability for human rights violations.

Annick’s PhD thesis examines migration deals between sponsor States in the Global North (EU Member States, Australia & USA) and partner States in the Global South (e.g. Turkey, Libya, Indonesia, Nauru & Mexico) and their effects on the socio-economic rights of people on the move. More specifically, it examines to what extent partner and sponsor States have obligations under international human rights law to realise their socio-economic rights, and to what extent & how international law assigns responsibility to the various states involved.


Recent publications:

  • Annick Pijnenburg and Kris van der Pas, ‘Strategic Litigation against European Migration Control Policies: the Legal Battleground of the Central Mediterranean Migration Route’ (2022) 23 European Journal of Migration and Law 401
  • Annick Pijnenburg, At the Frontiers of State Responsibility: Socio-economic Rights and Cooperation on Migration (Intersentia 2021)
  • Annick Pijnenburg and Conny Rijken, ‘Moving beyond “Refugees” and “Migrants”: Reconceptualising Protection of People on the Move’ (2021) 23 Interventions 273
  • Annick Pijnenburg, ‘Containment instead of Refoulement: Shifting State Responsibility in the Age of Cooperative Migration Control?’ (2020) 20 Human Rights Law Review 306

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