Prof. Hélène Lambert





Hélène Lambert is Professor of International law at the University of Westminster. Previously, she has held lectureships at Bristol (UWE), Exeter, and Brunel. She has also held a visiting fellowship at the Refugee Studies Centre in 1999. Hélène is a regular consultant for the Council of Europe (CoE); she also served briefly as a Protection Officer for UNHCR (1996). Hélène has published numerous books and articles on refugee law and human rights, including Seeking Asylum (Martinus Nijhoff, 1995), The Limits of Transnational Law co-edited with Guy S. Goodwin-Gill (CUP, 2010) and International Refugee Law (edited for the Library of Essays in International Law series) (Ashgate, 2010). She has also co-authored a number of inter-disciplinary publications, including International Law and International Relations co-authored with David Armstrong and Theo Farrell (CUP, 2007, now in its second edition).

Publications/recent projects:

  • Lambert, H. 2017. Temporary Refuge from War: Customary International Law and the Syrian Conflict. International and Comparative Law Quarterly. 66 (3), pp. 723-745.
  • Foster, M. and Lambert, H. 2016. Statelessness as a Human Rights Issue: A Concept Whose Time Has Come? International Journal of Refugee Law Special Issue 2016. 28 (4), pp. 564-584.
  • Lambert, H. 2016. The Link between Statelessness and Refugee Status. International Affairs Forum . 1 (1), pp. 25-27.
  • Lambert, H. 2015. Comparative Perspectives on Arbitrary Deprivation of Nationality and Refugee Status. International and Comparative Law Quarterly. 64 (1), pp. 1-37.