Cleo Hansen-Lohry





Cleo Hansen-Lohrey is an Australian lawyer and doctoral candidate at the University of Tasmania (Australia). Her PhD thesis is titled: ‘Interpreting and applying the term “public order” in Africa’s expanded refugee definition’. Her research focuses on international and regional (African and Latin American) refugee law, human rights, treaty interpretation law and displacement in the context of climate change. She has a Master of Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne. She is also a sessional academic at the University of Tasmania, teaching core subjects on public law, administrative law and international law.

She worked for a number of years in the legal, not-for-profit and government sectors. Her previous roles include: Senior Legal Officer for the Australian Department of Immigration, focusing on litigation and refugee law; and Humanitarian Observer for the Australian Red Cross, leading humanitarian monitoring visits to Australia’s mainland and Christmas Island immigration detention facilities.