Established in the second half of 2022, the RLI Working Group on Decolonising Refugee Research aims to provide a forum for scholars from around the globe to exchange and develop collaborative research ideas on this important topic, with a focus on refugee law. 

Key outputs and activities

  • Extending the Working Group membership by proactively identifying other RLI affiliates who may be interested in participating, as well as other scholars currently outside the RLI network who may be interested in becoming affiliates and participating.
  • Setting out to ensure that leadership of the Working Group is taken over by a scholar(s) living in or originating from the Global South.
  • Inviting speakers to present their research and work as a way of organising our thinking and generate ideas around what we mean by ‘decolonisation’. Further discussing what the focus of the group should be and identify any specific activities or outputs, including research by Working Group members or in collaboration with other entities.

The Working Group is currently coordinated by Professor Heaven Crawley, with support from Dr Sarah Miller and Brian Gorlick, and engages experts from the Americas, Asia and Europe. RLI network members who wish to become involved are encouraged to email the convenors directly. 

Current members

Bo Bottomley

Bo Bottomley

PhD candidate in the Law School at the University of East Anglia


Dr. Nicholas Maple

Lecturer in Refugee Studies; Module Convenor of An Introduction to Forced Migration Studies on the RLI MA Programme