Slides of papers presented and poster presentations

A. Collection of slide presentations of papers at the conference

'Accountability of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency: The Litigation Route’
- Mariana Gkliati (Leiden University)

‘Analysis of the French Practice on the Adjudication of Refugee Claims related to Situations of Armed Conflict and Violence’
- Véronique Planès-Boissac (Independent Researcher)

'Current Developments in U.S. Immigration Law and Policy in light of International Refugee Law’
- Dr Fulvia Staiano (Italian National Research Council)

‘The Danish Refugee Appeals Board’s Approach in Appeals from Persons fleeing Gender-based Violence in the context of Armed Conflict’
- Christel Querton (Newcastle University)

'The EU Hotspot Approach and Expansion of De Facto Immigration Detention’
- Izabella Majcher (Global Detention Project)

‘The European SOGI Asylum Framework: A European Human Rights Challenge’
- Professor Nuno Ferreira (University of Sussex)

'The Re-Nationalization of Migration Policies in Times of Crisis’
- Dr Jan-Paul Brekke and Dr Anne Staver (Institute for Social Research Oslo)

‘The Search for Creativity in Response to Crisis: Moving Beyond Durable Solutions’
- Amanda Cellini (Peace Research Institute Oslo)

B. Poster presentations