Topical panel: ‘Refugees and Migrants in the shadow of Covid19’

12 November 2020, 2.00pm - 4.30pm
Conference / Symposium

This panel will examine State responses to Covid19 and their particular effect on vulnerable groups of migrants and refugees. It will do so in light of the obligations under the Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees.


14.00-14.15 Welcome from RLI

14.15-14.20 Introduction

  • Chair: Kathryn Allinson (University of Bristol) 

14.20 - 15.15 Part 1: Refugee and Migrant ‘immobility’ during a Pandemic

  • Dr. Elif Kuskonmaz (Portsmouth University): Use of personal data to control borders in the time of Covid19
  • Marta Gionco (PICUM): Measure to support undocumented migrants during the Covid19 pandemic
  • Emilie McDonnell (University of Oxford): The Right to Leave (to seek asylum) and Externalised Migration Control during Covid19

15.25 – 16.20 Part 2: The Right to Rights of refugees and migrants during a Pandemic

  • Prof. M. Murat Erdogan (Turkish German University): Urban refugees in Turkey during a pandemic
  • Chai Patel (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants): Refugee and migrant access to healthcare during Covid19
  • Antonella Napolitano (Privacy International): Privacy of migrants and refugee data 

16.20-16.30 Closing Comments

  • Professor Elspeth Guild, Queen Mary University of London

This seminar will be held via zoom - access link provided upon sign-up.

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