Diverse Populations and Health Impacts of Internal Displacement

14 May 2021, 3.30pm - 5.00pm

Diverse Populations and Health Impacts of Internal Displacement

Health and Internal Displacement Network



Conflict-driven internal displacement has an acute impact on the health of those who are forced to flee as internally displaced persons (IDPs). However, stratifications of gender, age and social diversity within a single IDP population, as well as broader distinctions between IDP populations in different countries, mean that the disease burden is not equally distributed. How, then, can health policy and interventions respond to the differential health impact of internal displacement in IDP populations? 

The Health and Internal Displacement Network (HIDN), launched in April 2021, promotes research engagement and evidence-driven policy on IDP health. This event - the first in our new 2021 HIDN Webinar Series - builds on earlier HIDN expert workshops with researchers and policy actors that identified IDPs as often the population most affected by disease and deathin conflict contexts. 

In this webinar, three presentations by leading HIDN researchers ask us to consider how such health outcomes are distributed within, and between, different IDP populations and profiles:

  • IDP Child Health in Pakistan and the MENA Region” - Professor Zulfiqar A Bhutta FRS, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

  • Health of Internally Displaced Children in Africa” - Professor Bukola Salami, University of Alberta, Canada 

  • Health of IDPs in Syria” - Dr Aula Abbara, Syria Public Health Network

This webinar is hosted by HIDN researcher Diana Rayes, Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Register below to join us for this important webinar discussion. Please also feel free to forward the details of this event to your colleagues or networks as appropriate. Participants will be able to ask questions and share comments through online moderation. The event will be held in English and take place online, with the event recording made available afterwards.  

For more information, please contact Diana Rayes at drayes1@jhu.edu.


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