IDP Research Affiliates

The IDP Programme's network of research affiliates aims to facilitate collaborative work between PhD students and emerging scholars, integrating research on internal displacement from around the world. It is open to any researcher registered on a programme of doctorate on a relevant topic at the time of application.

If you are interested in joining the network, please send the following documents to

  1.   A Cover Letter
  2.   Scanned Proof of your Doctoral enrolment from your Academic Institution.
  3.   A copy of your CV
  4.   A photograph
  5.   Your email address and other communication details that you may wish to include (e.g. website, twitter)
  6.   A 3-4 sentence profile of your experience and interests. It may be helpful to include a web-link to your profile page on your supervising institution website.
  7.   The title of your PhD thesis and affiliation.
  8.   A list of recent publications, if applicable.


Zubaida Umar Baba

PhD student at the University of Leeds

Dr. Ben Hudson

Senior Lecturer at University of Lincoln