IDP Research Projects

These projects aim to promote ongoing research into internal displacement and IDP protection. Many of them are also engaged in research capacity-building in countries affected by internal displacement.

The new IDP research programme has just secured competitive grant awards from the Global Challenges Research Fund to support a two-year project creating a Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement Network in sub-Saharan Africa (GENIDA - led by Dr Romola Adeola, Pretoria University, with Prof David Cantor,RLI) and a one-year project to begin developing a small interdisciplinary network on protection in contexts of internal displacement with regional hubs in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East (led by Prof David Cantor, RLI, with Dr Agnes Woolley, Dr Beatriz Sánchez, Dr Hana Asfour and Dr Romola Adeola - all Senior Research Associates of the IDP Research Programme).