Dr. Beatriz Eugenia Sánchez-Mojica

Email: beasanchezmojica@gmail.com




Dr. Beatriz Eugenia Sánchez-Mojica is a lawyer and has a Ph.D. in Human Rights. She is an expert in International Human Rights Law and forced migration issues. Her work as academic and consultant analyses, from a critical perspective, International Law ability to weave a protector net upon humankind in a globalized world. Her research project is particularly focused on the most vulnerable ones, such as refugees, internally displaced people, migrants, and armed conflict victims. She has taught law in various universities both in Colombia and Spain and has been a consultant on forced migration issues for OIM, UNDP and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID). 

Currently, she teaches at IE University Law Faculty and at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. She is also an associate researcher at Instituto de Estudios Sobre Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria (Madrid) and at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá). 


Recent publications:

  • “Bittersweet Symphony: Challenges and Lessons Learned of Network Building in Latin America” in Susan McGrath and Julie E. Young (Eds.) Mobilizing Global Knowledge: Refugee Research in an Age of Displacement, Toronto: Univerisity of Calgary Press, 2019 
  • Territorios en transformación, derechos en movimiento. Cambio ambiental y movilidad humana en Colombia, Bogotá: Ediciones Uniandes, 2018 
  • “Refugiados colombianos ante la firma de la paz en Colombia: ¿un retorno no deseado?” in Ángela Iranzo and Woodly Louidor (Eds) Entre la guerra y la paz: Los lugares de la diáspora colombiana, Bogotá: Ediciones Uniandes and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2018. 
  • “Colombian Development-Induced Displacement – Considering the Impact of International Law on Domestic Policy”, Groningen Journal of International Law, Migration and International Law, volume 5, issue 1, 2017. 
  • “A silenced exodus: intra urban displacement in Medellin” in David Cantor and Nicolás Rodríguez (Eds.), The new refugees. Crime and forced displacement in Latin America, Institute for the Study of the Americas, Londres 2016.