IDRP Policy Engagement

The Internal Displacement Research Programme (IDRP) engages with policy and policy-makers on internal displacement through structured partnerships. They include:

IDRP Policy Engagement Group

The IDRP Policy Engagement Group (PEG) ensures that institutional perspectives from policy and practice shape its research into policy-relevant concerns. PEG members serve in an institutional capacity and facilitate links between the IDRP and institutions working in the field on internal displacement. Current members include: Médecins Sans Frontières (UK);

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre; International Committee of the Red Cross; Joint IDP Profiling Service; UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Government of Switzerland; Oxfam (UK).




IDRP – High Level Panel on Internal Displacement partnership

The IDRP has established a partnership with the Secretariat of the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Internal Displacement to provide research input on certain topics of interest to the panel. This work is being carried out by IDRP on a pro bono basis by drawing on the research networks at the IDRP. 

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