Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia





Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia is a research affiliate at the Home-Migration Nexus Project, University of Trento. Luis Eduardo holds a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester. His thesis examined the intersections between conflict, displacement and home, with a particular empirical focus on internally displaced people in Colombia. Prior to joining the Homing Project, Luis Eduardo worked as a course co-convenor and carried out research on issues relating to forced migration at the Global Development Institute. He also carried out research on conflict-induced displacement with Colombian universities and a range of development and humanitarian organisations including CICR, WFP, IOM, UNESCO, ICTJ, and USAID. 


Recent Publications:

  • 2021   ‘Selling a house, staging a dream: Real estate agencies and transnational housing between Spain and Ecuador’ with Boccagni, P. Migration and Development,
  • 2020   ‘Physically sheltered but existentially homeless’: Losing home in the aftermath of conflict and displacement’ Migration Studies, online first.
  • ‘Fixed places, shifting distances: remittance houses and migrants’ negotiation of home in Ecuador’ with Boccagni, P. Migration Studies, online first.
  • 2020    ‘Remaking a Place Called Home Following Displacement’ in Edensor., Kalandides, A., and Kothari, U. The Routledge Handbook of Place. London, UK.
  • 2020    Thinking Home on the Move: A Conversation across Disciplines. Coauthored with P. Boccagni and M. Belloni. Emerald. Forthcoming
  • 2019    ‘The Sweet Memories of Home Have Gone’: Displaced People Searching for Home in a Liminal Space. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
  • 2018    ‘Where the heart is and where it hurts’: Conceptions of home for people fleeing conflict. Refugee Survey Quarterly, 2019.
  • 2014    Social Policy or Reparative Justice? Challenges for Reparations in Contexts of Massive Displacement and Related Serious Human Rights Violations. Journal of Refugee Studies Vol. 27, No.2. 2014. pp. 191-206.