Professor David Cantor, Director of Refugee Law Initiative, joins Lancet Commission on Health, Conflict, and Forced Displacement.

Professor David Cantor has accepted an invitation to join the Lancet Commission on Health, Conflict, and Forced Displacement as a Commissioner and Co-Lead of the Working Group on Ethical and Legal Frameworks. You can view and download the announcement here

The Commission is a new initiative dedicated to confronting and reshaping the humanitarian system, with a focus on health. Conflict and forced displacement are interconnected with various factors, including climate change, populism, natural disasters, and economic opportunities. This Commission recognises the urgent need for systemic change in a world marred by increasing conflict and displacement and a lack of political will to solve the core issues of peace.

The Lancet is a weekly, peer-reviewed general medical journal and one of the oldest and most prestigious of its kind.  

The Commission will report in 2025 and we look forward to it and David's findings in this crucial area of study.