Asher Hirsch is a Senior Policy Officer with the Refugee Council of Australia and a PhD candidate at Monash University in Law Faculty. His research investigates Australia's extraterritorial migration control activities in Southeast Asia, which aim to prevent asylum seekers from reaching Australian territory and seeking protection.

PhD title: Extraterritorial migration controls and the right to seek asylum: an investigation into Australia’s non-entrée policies in Southeast Asia, Monash University, Australia.

Recent publications

  • Asher Hirsch, Khanh Hoang and Anthea Vogl, ‘Australia’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program: Creating Complementary Pathways or Privatising Humanitarianism?’, Refuge (in press).
  • Azadeh Dastyari and Asher Lazarus Hirsch, ‘The Ring of Steel: Extraterritorial Migration Controls in Indonesia and Libya and the Complicity of Australia and Italy’, Human Rights Law Review (in press).
  • Chris Maylea and Asher Hirsch, ‘Social Workers as Collaborators? The Ethics of Working Within Australia’s Asylum System’, (2018) 12(2) Ethics and Social Welfare 160.
  • Asher Lazarus Hirsch and Cameron Doig, ‘Outsourcing Control: The International Organization for Migration in Indonesia’, (2018) 22(5) International Journal of Human Rights 681.
  • Asher Hirsch, ‘Stateless Children Born in Australia’s Asylum System’, (2017) Institute of Statelessness and Inclusion Statelessness Working Paper Series.
  • Sahar Okhovat, Asher Hirsch, Khanh Hoang and Rebecca Dowd, ‘Rethinking Resettlement and Family Reunion in Australia’, (2017) 42(4) Alternative Law Journal 273.
  • Asher Lazarus Hirsch and Nathan Bell, ‘The Right to Have Rights as a Right to Enter: Addressing a Lacuna in the International Refugee Protection Regime’, (2017) 18(4) Human Rights Review 417.
  • Asher Lazarus Hirsch, ‘The Borders Beyond the Border: Australia’s Extraterritorial Migration Controls’, (2017) 36(3) Refugee Survey Quarterly 48.