Brian lectures in the Faculty of Law at Chuo University (Japan). He is a Senior Research Associate in the Refugee Law Initiative’s Internal Displacement Research Programme (University of London) and coordinator of the Working Group on Climate Change and Disaster Displacement. His primary research focus is State responsibility for displacements caused by climate change. He has conducted field research on planned relocations in Fiji for those being displaced by the adverse effects of climate change. Brian has spoken on this topic at conferences in Japan, India, the UK, the US, and elsewhere, and has consulted with the Japanese Ministry of Environment about contributing to the welfare of similarly displaced persons. 

He earned his PhD in international law from International Christian University (Japan) in 2023. In 2019, he earned his MA (Distinction) in Refugee Protection from the University of London. Brian is also a Research Fellow at the IAFOR Research Centre at the Osaka School of International Public Policy (Osaka University). His previous professional experiences include serving in the US military during multiple overseas operations, working on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa with the Peace Corps, and helping to resettle refugees as a manager with Catholic Charities (USA).