Carly Gordyn is a doctoral student at Australian National University (ANU). Her research seeks to understand Australia’s bilateral relations in managing the movement of irregular migration, specifically between Australia and Indonesia. She has previously worked in the detention centres on Christmas Island and Nauru, and has taught English in Indonesia.  The working title of her PhD is ‘A history of ‘cooperation’: Australia and Indonesia’s management of irregular migration’. 

Publications/recent projects

  • Amy Nethery & Carly Gordyn (2014) Australia–Indonesia cooperation on asylum seekers: a case of ‘incentivised policy transfer’, Australian Journal of International Affairs, 68:2, 177-193, DOI: 10.1080/10357718.2013.841122 

Op Eds: 

  • ‘Assessing Indonesia’s New Decree on Refugees’ New Mandala, 9 February 2017 
  • ‘Does it matter who runs our offshore immigration detention centres?’ Canberra Times, 14 December 2015