Chantal Frindall is a PhD researcher at the University of Surrey. Her research is at the intersection between refugee law and philosophy. Her project looks at the concept of ‘dignity’ and how it has been interpreted in the law. This is undertaken through looking at constitutional law and domestic practice. She undertakes this project through a Kantian lens which critiques dignity in respect of three groups. I label these the sceptic, value and status groups. She uses these labels to show that dignity’s interpretation can impact its significance in the legal judgments and outcomes. 

The project proceeds to use this research to focus on the ‘particular social group’ category in the Refugee Convention. Despite the precedent case law, the project questions the application of the ‘particular social group’ category in respect of certain gendered harms. The project seeks to research both the application of the ‘particular social group’ category test and the issues that ensue, such as credibility issues and detention. The project seeks to utilize an interpretation of dignity that can be used within refugee decision making, which counters the problem of categorization posed by the current framework. 

Working title: Where is the Dignity? A re-examination of the 'particular social group' category in respect of refugee women.