Dr. Jean-Pierre Gauci is a BIICL research fellow in Public International Law. Recruited in 2015 as a research coordinator for the British Influences on International Law Project, his role was extended to that of research fellow in August 2015. Jean-Pierre holds a PhD in Law from King's College London with research that focused on trafficking based asylum claims. He also holds a Doctor of Laws and Magister Juris in International Law from the University of Malta. His doctoral research is on the inter-relations between human trafficking and asylum and specifically whether, and the conditions under which, refugee law offers a means for the protection of trafficked persons. Jean-Pierre is also the founder and director of The People for Change Foundation, and serves as consultant to various entities including the Maltese Government and European and International Organizations.

Publications/recent projects

  • The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law (2016)
  • British Influences on International Law 1915-2015
  • Liberal Tide? Immigration and asylum law and policy in Latin America
  • Exploring the Boundaries of Refugee Law: Current Protection Challenges