Dr Bakkour is a lecturer in Middle East Studies and Politics in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. His interests include Peace Process and Reconciliation, Arab Israel Conflict, USA Policy in the ME, GCC Politics and War,  Arab uprising, Islamic Movements Formation and Strategies, Migration , Internal and External Displacement, Syrian Politics and Economics.

Recent publications


Book Contract

  • Bakkour, Samer, Spatial and Population Changes in the Context of Syrian War 2011-2020: The Syrian Alienation, its Phases and Fluctuations (Doha: Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies, 2022).

Peer Review Publication

  • Bakkour, Samer, The Battle for Deir ez-Zor (2011-2017) Militarisation, Division, and Regime a book ed. Raymound Hinnebusch, Jasmine Ghani,  Dynamics in the Syrian Conflict's Middle Phase: Between Contentious Politics, Militarization and Regime (UK: St. Andrews University- Routledge, 2021).
  • Bakkour, Samer, Dynamics of Middle East Peace Process in the Era of US Hegemony 1950-2000, Central European Journal of International and Security Studies, Volume 10, Issue 2, 2016.pp.58-71.

In the Press

  • Bakkour, Samer, “The Impact of Political Sectarianism on Displacement in Idlib, (Minor Syria)”, ed. Al- Kahloot, Ghassan, Forced Displacement and Demographic Changes in the Middle East (Doha: Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies, December 2021).
  • Bakkour, Samer, “Hama and Mobilisation of Identity: The Impacts of Implementation of Urbanization on the Development of Sectarianization in Hama and its Rural”, ed. Valbjørn, Morten. Hinnebusch, Raymond, Comparing Sectarianism in Syria’s Regions (UK: Routledge, 2022)
  • Bakkour, Samer, Sectarianism and the Exertion of Islamist Militarization in Idlib, ed. Valbjørn, Morten. Hinnebusch, Raymond, Comparing Sectarianism in Syria’s Regions (UK: Routledge, 2022).
  • Bakkour, Samer, the Emergence, Development and Application of Population Displacement in Damascus, Cambridge Review of International Affairs Journal, submitted date July 5, 2021.

Work under Revision


  • Bakkour, Samer, “Daraa and the Altered Trajectory of the Syrian Revolution”, Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, submitted date November 1, 2021.
  • Stansfield, Gareth, Bakkour, Samer, “The Last Jihadist Battle: the Regional and International Reactions on Hayat Tahrir Al- sham Consolidation in Idlib,” Middle East Journal, submitted date (very soon), 2021.
  • Bakkour, Samer, “The Political and Historical Significance of ISIS’s “State” Building in Syria, Tsinghua University Press, 1/12/2021.
  • Bakkour Samer, Ar-Raqqa: Structural Changes and Effective Attempts to build and implement an Imaginary “State, Omran Journal, Submission date November , 2021”

Contribution Work in Media

  • Bakkour, Samer, (Arabic version) “Syria's Presidential Elections: an Absolute Winner and Economic Collapse”, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, June 10, 2021,
  • Aljazeera, 24 June 2021, Catastrophic’ consequences: Dire warning over Syria aid shutdown.
  • Aljazeera, 23 August 2021, Deadly siege: Syrians trapped in Daraa after regime attacks