Following his graduation from Ankara University Faculty of Law, Erhan earned his master’s degree in International Public Law. His thesis was on “Responsibility to Protect”. Erhan is now a first year PhD student at SOAS School of Law and conducting a research on asylum issues in international law under the supervision of Dr. Lutz Oette. His thesis title is “Asylum Seeking and the Responsibility of States in International Law”. He will mainly research on the relationship between individual right and the responsibility of sovereign.  
Besides above-mentioned academic background, Erhan has worked as a consultant at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM Turkey) in Ankara. His previous job involved drafting “The Handbook for Practitioners: Municipal Migrant Centres in Turkey”. He has also worked as a legal consultant at Ankara at Keçiören Municipality Migrant Services Centre and provided training programs such as “I Know My Rights” for the refugees and migrants. Additionally, he has contributed to several migrant/refugee integration projects as a researcher. As part of his role in one of the projects, he put together the content of the handbook curricula “The Handbook for Foreigners in Turkey”. Finally, Erhan has worked as a research assistant at Atılım University Law Faculty Department of International Law for 4 and a half years. As a research assistant, he was responsible for managing student projects and lecturing on International Law and Human Rights subjects in undergraduate summer school modules.