Faith Osasumwen Olanrewaju is an emerging scholar in the field of forced migration. She recently obtained her PhD from Covenant University, Nigeria. Her areas of expertise include conflict-displacement nexus, trajectories of internal displacement, governance of displacement, maternal health of displaced women and girls of reproductive ages as well as the human rights protection and durable reintegration of displaced persons. She has comparatively studied the management of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in government managed camps, faith-based camps and informal IDP settlements in different geo-political zones in Nigeria. She is an editorial board member of the Journal of Internal Displacement. She is a member of Covenant University Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research as well as an affiliate member of African Studies Centre Leiden. 

Recent publications

  • Olanrewaju, F.O., Olujide, A., & Ogunnowo, O. (2022). Internal Displacement and the feminization of vulnerability in Africa: Implications for the actualization of the UNSDGs. In Folarin, S.F. et al (eds.), The United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals (pp. 163-176). Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Olanrewaju, F.O. (2021). Decolonising state fragility and forced migration in Post-Colonial Nigeria. In Amadi, LDecolonizing Colonial Development Models in Africa: A New Postcolonial Critique. Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Olanrewaju, F. O., & Ogunowo, O. (2022). Migration and the politics of xenophobia in Nigeria-South Africa relations: an exposition of the implementation of responsibility to protect. (In Press - African Renaissance)  [Scopus Indexed]
  • Joshua, S., Samuel, S. I., & Olanrewaju, F. O. (2021). Between the devil and the deep blue sea: insurgency and humanitarian conditions in IDP camps in Nigeria. International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism11(1), 1-19. [Scopus Indexed]
  • Olanrewaju, F. O., Olanrewaju, A., Omotoso, F., Alabi, J.O., Amoo, E., Loromeke, E., & Ajayi, L. A. (2019). Insurgency and the invisible displaced population in Nigeria: A Situational Analysis. Sage Open 9(2), [Scopus-indexed]
  • Olanrewaju, F. O., Omotoso, F. O., & Alabi, J. O. (2018). Datasets on the challenges of forced displacement and coping strategies among displaced women in selected Internally Displaced persons’ (IDP) Camps in Nigeria. Data in Brief, 20(2018), 152-158. [Scopus- indexed]
  • Olanrewaju, F. O., Omotoso, F., & Alabi, J. O. (2018). Boko Haram insurgency and the management of internally displaced women in Nigeria: a situational analysis. African Population Studies, 32(1), 3622-3633. [Scopus-indexed]