Francesco Negozio is PhD Candidate in Public, Comparative, and International Law (curriculum in International Order and Human Rights) at the Department of Political Science, Sapienza University of Rome. He is also PhD Student in Legal, Political, Economic and Social Sciences at the Sapienza School for Advanced Studies (SSAS) and Tutor of the LLM in International Protection of Human Rights and of the Training Course on Refugees and Migrants. Currently, he participates in the activities of the Horizon 2020 project "HABITABLE" (WP 6, Legal and Policy Analysis and Recommendations), an EU-funded project aiming at analysing interlinkages between climate impacts and migration and displacement patterns.

Francesco holds a MA in International Relations, obtained with honours in 2019 defending a dissertation in International Human Rights Law (Temporary Protection in International Law). He is alumnus of the Superior School for Advanced Studies of Sapienza (SSAS), where he concluded his MA studies in March 2020 with full marks, discussing a thesis on Temporary Protection of Syrian Refugees in Turkey. In 2018, he was awarded a yearly research grant in International Law on Women's Rights: Discriminations and Positive Actions.

His professional activities have been dealing with humanitarian affairs and refugee protection, both in the framework of multilateral diplomacy (Geneva, Permanent Mission of Italy to UN and EU Permanent Delegation to UN) and in NGOs working in the field (Gaziantep, Bir Dünya Çocuk).

Francesco's main research interests focus on International Refugee Law and Migration Law. In particular, his PhD thesis aims at addressing protection issues arising from disaster displacement.

Recent publications/projects