Margarita Fourer is currently undertaking a double degree as a PhD Candidate at the Danube University Krems and Maastricht University. Her PhD research continues her interest in durable solutions, and is focused on transfer agreements (eg, EU-Turkey deal, and Australia’s deals with PNG and Nauru), with the research question being ‘How can transfer agreements be drafted and implemented to improve the capacity of States to provide durable solutions to refugees and asylum seekers through access to permanent residence status and/or citizenship?’.

Prior to embarking on a PhD, Margarita has researched and written on various aspects of refuge law, independently and as part of internships for the Australian Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International Australia and the Migration Law Clinic at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, as well as in her Bachelor and Master theses, both of which were selected for presentation at conferences. Additionally, she has field experience in Israel, where she assisted the African refugee community with Canadian Sponsorship and EU family reunification visas, and in Kenya, where she was seconded to UNHCR offices for US resettlement applications.