Noemi is a second year doctoral candidate supervised by Professor Siobhán Mullally researching the connections between the anti-trafficking and the asylum protection systems, examining in particular cases of adult male victims of trafficking. Prior to joining the Centre, Noemi worked with Nasc Ireland, providing legal advice in the fields of immigration law; with Dartmouth College as a Teaching Assistant; and with the Municipality of Milan in the field of international development. Since the beginning of her doctoral studies, she has been a consultant with the International Organisation for Migration, she has performed research commissioned by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Trafficking and she is now collaborating with the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) on a project centred around the theme ‘Migration and Rightlessness’. Noemi is a graduate of the University of Milan (BA in International Relations and Political Science), the College of Milan and University College Cork (LLM in International Human Rights Law and Public Policy).

Thesis Title: ‘Male victims of trafficking, gendered constructions of vulnerability and access to protection in Italy and in the United Kingdom.’

Recent Publications

  • N. Magugliani, ‘The Securitisation of Migration: Leaving Protection Behind? The “Hotspot Approach” and the Identification of Potential Victims of Human Trafficking’, Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, Working Paper No. 7 (08/2018) available at;
  • N. Magugliani, ‘Rights of Trafficked persons at Sea: access to protection and positive obligations’, Irish Centre for Human Rights, Policy Brief (01/2018) (with S Mullally);
  • Personal blog on migration law developments ( Pieces on, e.g., 'Solving the migration crisis? Problems on land cannot be tackled at sea' (02/2017); 'From the Supreme Court to the EU Reception Conditions Directive: Access to work (and more) for asylum seekers in Ireland' (11/2017); and 'From Mare Nostrum to Operation Themis: Losing track of protection in the Mediterranean?' (02/2018).