Andrea Pacheco Pacifico is the founding coordinator of the Study and Research Centre on environmentally Displaced Persons (NEPDA), at Paraiba State University (UEPB), where she has also been Sergio Vieira de Mello Chair coordinator. She is editor-in-chief of the Revista de Estudos Internacionais – REI (Journal of International Studies) of the UEPB and member of several editorial boards of Brazilian Journals. She has also been full researcher at the Graduate Program of Comparative Studies on the Americas (PPGECsA) at the University of Brasilia, Brazil.

She has launched and supervised several research projects on refugees and forced migrants issues, particularly on environmentally displaced persons, in addition ot have delivered conferences, interviews on TV, radio stations, and newspapers in Brazil and abroad. She has also written several Country of Origin Information (COI) Reports for the USA and UK Courts on asylum seekers` cases, since 2014.

She has also been visiting research fellow at the York University Centre for Refugee Studies at York, Canada (2009/2010), Oxford University Refugee Studies Centre, UK (2010/2011) and University of London Refugee Law Initiative, UK (2020/2021).

Prof. Dr. Andrea Pacheco Pacifico has published several academic articles on human rights, refugees and forced migration issues, in addition to 9 books, 18 book chapters and over 50 articles.

Teaching and research interests include

  • International Human Rights Law
  • Refugee and Migration Issues
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Public International Law
  • Politics and International Relations in Latin America
  • Comparative Politics: Latin America, Canada and the USA, EU and the Middle East
  • Public Policy, Social Capital, integration and cultural diversity
  • States, Societies and Cultures: Processes of Democratisation and Globalisation

Current Research Projects

  • Effects of the absence of an International Regime for Environmentally Displaced Persons: regional and national initiatives compared with Brazil. Grant from the National Council of Research (CNPq, Brazil)
  • Venezuelans` local integration in the State of Paraiba, Brazil (2018-2022). Grant from Paraiba State University (UEPB, Brazil)

Recent Publications

  • A Network Society Communicative Model for Optimising the Refugee Status Determination System. E-Book. Joao Pessoa: EDUEPB, 2022
  • Environmentally Internally Displaced Persons in the Northeastern Backlands of Brazil: A case study. Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK): Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022.
  • O Capital social dos refugiados: bagagem cultural e políticas públicas. (Social Capital of Refugees: Cultural background and public policies). Maceio: EDUFAL, 2010.
  • Humanitarian Asylum for Forced Migrants The Case of Haitians` Arrival in Brazil, co-authored with RAMOS, E. P. . In: Jean-Pierre Gauci; Mariagiulia Giuffré; Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi. (Org.). Exploring the
  • Boundaries of Refugee Law: Current Protection Challenges. International Refugee Law Series.. 1ed.Leiden e Boston: Brill / Nijhoff, 2015, v. 3, pp. 218-239.