Hélène Lambert is Professor of Law at the University of Wollongong, NSW (2017-) and Professor of International Law at the University of Westminster, London (2010-). Previously, she has held lectureships at Bristol (UWE), Exeter, and Brunel. She has also held a visiting fellowship at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, in 1999, and a Dyason Fellowship at the University of Melbourne Law School, in 2015. Hélène has undertaken consultancy work for the Council of Europe and the UNHCR, and training of governments’ officials and lawyers in various EU countries, Serbia-Montenegro, Romania, and Moldova. She also served briefly as a Protection Officer for UNHCR (1996). She is an Advisory Board Member of International Refugee Law Book Series (Martinus Nijhoff) and Refugee Law Reader (Hungarian Helsinki Committee), and joint case editor of the International Journal of Refugee Law.

Hélène has published numerous books and articles on refugee law, statelessness, and human rights, including Seeking Asylum (Martinus Nijhoff, 1995), The Limits of Transnational Law co-edited with Guy S. Goodwin-Gill (CUP, 2010), International Refugee Law (edited for the Library of Essays in International Law series) (Ashgate, 2010), and The Global Reach of European Refugee Law co-edited with Jane McAdam and Maryellen Fullerton (CUP, 2013). She has also co-authored a number of inter-disciplinary publications, including International Law and International Relations (with David Armstrong and Theo Farrell, CUP, 2007, now in its second edition). She is currently completing a monograph on International Refugee Law and the Protection of Stateless Persons, co-authored with Michelle Foster (forthcoming with OUP), and working on a collaborative project on The Concept of ‘Imminence’ in the International Protection of Refugees and Other Forced Migrants, funded by the Australian Research Council, with Jane McAdam and Michelle Foster.

Publications/recent projects

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