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Sanjula Weerasinghe

Keywords: Climate and disaster related human mobility, humanitarian crises, migrants in situations of vulnerability, migration governance, planned relocation.
Working Group(s): Working Group on Climate Change, Disasters and Displacement

Sanjula Weerasinghe is the Global Coordinator on Migration and Displacement at the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). She previously worked in specialist roles with UNHCR, IOM, the Secretariat of the State-led Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative, and the UN Network on Migration. She has also worked with academic institutions, think tanks, and NGOs. While living in Hong Kong and Thailand, Sanjula directed legal aid centres and provided services to refugees and asylum seekers. Sanjula has authored articles and reports and drafted normative guidance on migration and displacement. Sanjula convened the Refugee Law Initiative’s first module on climate change, disasters, and displacement. She is a Centre Affiliate at the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at the University of New South Wales; a Non-Resident Fellow at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University; and an Advisory Committee member of the Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD). Sanjula received her LL.B (Hons) from Monash University and her LL.M. (Dist) from Georgetown University. 

Recent Publications

  • Sanjula Weerasinghe, Bridging the Divide in Approaches to Conflict and Disaster Displacement: Norms, Institutions and Coordination, UNHCR & IOM, 2021
  • Sanjula Weerasinghe, Refugee Law in a Time of Climate Change, Disaster and Conflict, UNHCR, 2020
  • Sanjula Weerasinghe, In Harm’s Way: International Protection in the Context of Nexus Dynamics Between Conflict or Violence and Disaster and Climate Change, UNHCR, 2018
  • Susan Martin, Sanjula Weerasinghe, and Abbie Taylor (eds.), Humanitarian Crises and Migration: Causes, Consequences and Responses, Routledge, 2014