Shepher Mutsvara is a Qualified Educator with 16 years teaching experience in public and private schools of Zimbabwe and South Africa. His primary research interests are; Refugee protection, Citizenship, Labour Migration and Development, Migrant Protection, Migration Governance and Trends. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the Pedagogical University Krakow.

The central question in Shepherd’s research is: are economic refugees in need of protection under international refugee conventions? In particular, could current programmes of economic liberalisation, imposed by the industrialised West on African countries, constitute persecution within the definition of a ‘refugee’ in the 1951 Refugee Convention? This is situated in the context of increasing numbers of people moving within and beyond Africa as a result of economic deprivation that is systemic and the product of coercive world order.

The title of PhD thesis: Economic refugees: An analysis of persecution and displacement in the new global era.

Recent publications

  • From Xenophobia to Apartheid: Exploring exclusion, persecution and displacement in the post-apartheid era (2018), Munich, GRIN Verlag,
  • Rising fees and the right to protest in Zimbabwe. (2017) Canon Collins online article
  • Understanding Albinism in the classroom. (2016) (Online article)
  • Age of consent in Africa: a source of family antagonism. (2015) Online article
  • Guardian Liberty Voice News Articles- see Author’s archive (2015- present)