Asylum is a major part of public political debate in European countries. It is also home to one of the most far-reaching regional integration projects, the European Union, which has produced a Common European Asylum System that comprises both frameworks and institutions on asylum for Member States and which also seeks to act on third States outside the EU. Yet, even in Europe, a wider family of European States exist that have differing approaches to refugee protection.

Recognising that many other research institutions have emerged to address EU asylum-related questions, this project currently provides merely a complementary platform to ensure that Europe as a region remains integrated within the work of the RLI. It tends to concentrate on specific issues relating to access to protection, qualification for refugee status and the further problems raised by and opportunities missed in European approaches to refugee protection. The book series provides a platform also for publications in this field.

Key publications and other outputs

Key institutional activities

  • RLI Affiliate Conference on “The New Asylum and Transit Countries in Europe during and in the Aftermath of the 2015/2016 Crisis” (RLI, London, 2017)
  • RLI Public Lecture on ‘From Frontex to the European Border and Coast Guard’ (by Mariana Gkliati)
  • RLI 6th annual seminar series on “EU Refugee Law” (2015)
  • RLI Affiliate Conference on “Seeking Asylum in the European Union” (2014)
  • RLI/York University Workshop on “Treating Like Cases Alike in Refugee Law Adjudication: Comparisons between the European Union and North America”
  • RLI short postgraduate course on ‘European Union Asylum Law and Policy’ (2013)