This project supports interdisciplinary networks of researchers on internal displacement in affected countries and regions. They include: the Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement in Africa (GENIDA), led from the University of Pretoria, South Africa; the Latin American Network on Internal Displacement (LANID), led from the University of the Andes, Colombia; and the Middle East Research Network on Internal Displacement (MERNID), led from QPerspective Consulting, Jordan. The project connects with the ‘IDRP’ and ‘Health and Internal Displacement’.

Each regional network is led by researchers based in forced displacement-affected countries in the region and open to researchers from those countries who are keen to develop their research on internal displacement. The regional networks aim to stimulate research and practical impact by:

  • Drawing together existing and new researchers on internal displacement to create robust and well-integrated regional research communities in contexts around the globe;
  • Building capacity of researchers in academia, NGOs, IDP and host communities across LMICs to enhance local knowledge production, impact and public engagement;
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research networking that meshes arts and humanities, social and medical sciences approaches to produce context-sensitive solutions to internal displacement challenges.

The networks are open to researchers from any discipline who are keen to work on internal displacement and are living in one of the regions.

Key publications and other outputs

Key institutional activities

  • Launched “Researching Internal Displacement” platform (created 2021)
  • Short course on “Internal Displacement, Conflict and Protection” on Coursera (created 2020)
  • IDRP/MERNID/LAU Summer School on ‘Internal Displacement in the Middle East - Crisis, Displacement and Protection’ online (2022)
  • 2nd public seminar series on “Regional Perspectives on Internal Displacement” (2021)
  • Summer Fellowships on Internal Displacement, with 40 Fellows from regions (2021)
  • 1st public seminar series on “Regional Perspectives on Internal Displacement” (2020)

Financial support for piloting the networks was provided by the Global Challenges Research Fund (PI: Cantor - AH/T005351/1 and EP/T003227/1).