Online Training – Internal Displacement, Conflict and Protection



This course provides multi-disciplinary insight into internal displacement and protection during conflict. Taking a global perspective, it outlines the fundamentals of who internally displaced persons (IDPs) are and where they come from, as well as delving into the features of the global IDP protection response and potential ‘solutions’ for those who have been internally displaced. It places you at the centre of the learning experience through engagement with a range of robust and challenging activities, materials and online peer engagement. 

This course has been developed by a specialised consortium of research institutions working on IDP protection and research, led by the Internal Displacement Research Programme at the RLI. Financial support was provided by the Global Challenges Research Fund through the Interdisciplinary Network on Displacement, Conflict and Protection (INDCaP - AH/T005351/1) and Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement in Africa (GENIDA - EP/T003227/1) projects.

The course runs regularly throughout the year and is entirely online. Members and prospective members of the IDRP-supported regional networks in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East will be prioritised for registration on the course. Those interested in registering for the course should make enquiries via their local network lead (details here).

Researchers (and others interested in participating in the course) who are located outside the three regions should make enquiries via email to