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Disaster Induced Internal Displacement in India: Protection and Reporting

Chair: Dr Ana Mosneaga (IDRP Senior Research Affiliate & Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Speakers: Professor Chhaya Bhardwaj (O P Jindal Global University, India), Professor Sneha Krishnan (O P Jindal Global University, India), Professor Anil K. Gupta (National Institute of Disaster Management), Malavika Rao (Graduate Institute Geneva)
Date: 28 February 2022

Transgenerational and Long term Effects on the Mental Health of Internally Displaced People

Hosted by: HIDN member Nihaya Daoud (Ben-Gurion University of the Negiv) and Professor Nino Makhashvili (Ilia State University)
Speakers: Professor Darejan Jana Javakhishvili (Ilia State University), Professor Sumona Datta (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine), Professor Dra. María Helena Restrepo-Espinosa (Universidad Del Rosario)
Date: 24 February 2022

Identity, Rights and Internal Displacement - Middle East Research Network on Internal Displacement (MERNID)

Chair: Dr Hana Asfour (MERNID)
Speakers: Dr Jasmin Lilian Diab (Lebanese American University), Atefeh Ramsari (Bielefeld Graduate School of History and Sociology), Kamaran Palani (Salahaddin University-Erbil)
Date: 6 December 2021

Mental Health in Internally-Displaced Populations

Speakers: Professor Nino Makhashvili (Ilia State University), Dr Derebe Madoro (Dilla University), Professor Maria Helena Restrepo Espinosa (Universidad del Rosario), and Dr Ilse Flink (VVOB)
Date: 7 July 2021

Internal Displacement, Infectious Diseases and Health Responses

Speakers: Dr Winifred Ekezie (University of Leicester), Prof Alfonso J Rodríguez-Morales (Fundación Universitaria Autónoma de las Américas), and Professor Alastair Ager (Queen Margaret University)
Date: 15 June 2021

Diverse Populations and Health Impacts of Internal Displacement - Middle East Research Network on Internal Displacement (MERNID)

Speakers: Professor Zulfiqar A Bhutta FRS (Aga Khan University, Pakistan), - Professor Bukola Salami (University of Alberta, Canada), and Dr Aula Abbara (Syria Public Health Network)
This webinar was hosted by HIDN researcher Diana Rayes, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Date: 14 May 2021

'Through a Legal Lens: Internal Displacement, Citizenship and Statelessness’ - Middle East Research Network on Internal Displacement (MERNID)

Speakers: Dr Heda Siddiqi (Afghanistan Civil Service Institute, Afghanistan), Zahra Al-Barazi (lawyer and independent consultant on statelessness, Syria) and Thomas McGee (Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness, University of Melbourne, Australia)
Date: Tuesday 4 May 2021

Causas globales del desplazamiento forzado interno

Speakers: Manuel Antonio Flores (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras), Rina Montti (Monitoreo de Derechos Humanos, Cristosal(El Salvador), Ramón Martínez Coria (Foro para el Desarrollo Sustentable México), Carolina Moreno Velásquez (Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Los Andes Colombia)
Date: Wednesday 28 April 2021


Panel Launch: Enabling Health Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons

This joint event by the UK Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) and the Internal Displacement Research Programme (IDRP) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) at the University of London took place on 19 April 2021

Access the slides from the presentation here, and see below for three talking head introductions to the network.

Health and Internal Displacement Network (HIDN) - Expert Introduction: JohnBosco Chika Chukwuorji
Health and Internal Displacement Network (HIDN) - Expert Introduction: Professor Alastair Ager
Health and Internal Displacement Network (HIDN) - Expert Introduction: Dr Winifred Ekezie
¿Qué significa el desplazamiento interno? Abrir la caja de Pandora - Reflexiones desde la Red Latinoamericana de Desplazamiento Forzado (LANID) 

Speakers: Dra. Beatriz Eugenia Sánchez-Mojica, investigadora independiente (Colombia), Dr. Fabio Lozano Velásquez, Universidad de San Buenaventura (Colombia), Dra. Leticia Calderón Cheluis, Instituto Mora-Colegio de México (México), Dra. Clara Ines Atehortúa Arredondo, Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia), Andrée Viana Garcés, investigadora independiente y magistrada auxiliar del Consejo de Estado (Colombia), Sindy Hernández Bonilla, Universidad Rafael Landívar (Guatemala), Ramón Martínez Coria, Foro para el Desarrollo Sustentable (México) 
Date: Friday 12 March 2021